Dress Code Policy

No Excuses University at Puesta del Sol implements a dress code to promote community among our staff and students and to uphold the ethics of our college-bound school focus.  To enhance the culture of positive student interactions and college-bound focus, we have adopted a dress code policy.  The purpose of enforcing a dress code is to alleviate discipline problems pertaining to clothing; ensure student safety; promote equality among all students; and instill a sense of community and pride.  Research shows that schools that have adopted a dress code policy show improved academics and fewer behavioral violations.   Students who are not in dress code compliance will be provided loaner garments for the school day or parents may be contacted to bring appropriate clothing.

The following will be the dress code:

– white, burgundy, sky blue, black, yellow, red, navy blue and grey – ONE SOLID COLOR, no graphics or logos.  Students may wear a collar such as dress shirts, polo shirts, or T-shirts.  Shirts may not reveal midriff, such as a crop top when hands are raised above the head.

College Mondays-To promote our college bound culture, STUDENTS SHOULD WEAR ANY COLLEGE T-SHIRT ON COLLEGE MONDAYS.  Our No Excuses University College T-Shirt can be worn in place of a dress code shirt.  All students are expected to wear either a college T-Shirt or a dress code shirt.

  • PDS Spirit Fridays-Students should wear a School Spirit Shirt (any Puesta del Sol T-shirt).  All students are expected to wear either a Puesta del Sol T-Shirt or dress code shirt.  These shirts are also available for purchase.

Pants – black, khaki and navy blue. Jeans, joggers, or sweatpants may also be worn.  NO JEANS WITH HOLES ALLOWED. No stretch pants/leggings/jeggings, or pajamas are allowed. Pants must be worn on the waistline. Pant legs should not be disproportionately oversized or drag on the ground.  No rips, tears, or holes can be present.  A belt with a plain buckle to avoid sagging pants is allowed. If pants are sagging students will be given yarn for a belt.

Shorts / skirts / skorts / capris / jumpers – black, khaki and navy blue.  All bottoms must be worn on the waistline.  Shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be longer than the student’s fingers when hands are at their sides. Shorts must be of the “walking short” type.  Leggings are only acceptable if worn under skirts, jumpers, and shorts.

Shoes – closed-toed shoes that fit securely and safely on the foot.  No sandals, flip-flops, high-heels, or Heelys permitted.

Jackets, Sweaters, and Sweatshirts – Sweaters and sweatshirts must follow the same solid color format that is permissible above in the “shirts description”.  School spirit wear sweatshirts that are purchased through the school are allowed.  All hooded sweatshirts and zip-up sweatshirts must be one solid color with no imprinted designs or logos and must be in the dress code approved colors. 

Hats/Beanies-Solid color hats, caps or visors (must have a brim, like a baseball, hiking/safari, golf) may be worn outdoors during lunch, recess and PE for protection from the sun.  Solid color beanies are acceptable during recess during cold weather months.  They should NOT be worn in any buildingNo team/sports logos or other symbols.  Logos/wording are limited to PDS (Puesta del Sol, USA Flag).  Brim/bills facing forward to shade the face.

School shirts can be purchased at a reasonable price.  For your convenience, we have provided the table below with several options for you to explore the price and quality of dress code items 





Other Bottoms





















(www.cookieskids.com is another website where dress code items are sold)

Students who are in violation of the school’s dress code policy will be given a loaner garment that will be labeled as such and must be returned at the end of the school day.